Store your Refuse Bins in Style

Store your Refuse Bins in Style

Wheelie BinsIf you have to store many large refuse bins at your site you may find they create an unsightly and untidy area which you would rather hide from public view. Depending upon the location of your bins and their contents you may also find you need to prevent rodents or vandals from accessing the bins too, or alternatively you may want to discourage members of the public using your bins and filling them up with their own household waste.

New housing developers are also now being encouraged to add bin shelters into new building plans to prevent cluttered and unattractive streets, particularly as many communities have more than one bin each.

A bin shelter can be the ideal solution to all of these problems as it creates a self-contained area where rubbish bins can be stored safely and tidily. The bins can be hidden out of sight and any odours can be contained within the shelter. A roofed shelter can also stop rain water leaking in to the bins which can encourage bad odours.

When looking for a bin shelter, consider whether you require security locking devices and check whether these are available on your chosen design. It is also advisable to research the material a shelter is made from: whilst timber gives an attractive finish, the shelter will not be waterproof and it may require a lot of maintenance. A metal or metal and polycarbonate shelter may be more appropriate.

The Grasmere Bin ShelterOur Grasmere Bin Shelter is specifically designed for commercial use, measuring 4 metres in length and 2.1 metres in width, it can accommodate two commercial sized refuse bins making it particularly suitable for schools or colleges. Alternatively it can fit 6 domestic wheelie bins, which makes it ideal for large apartment blocks or residential streets, keeping the area tidy and pleasant for all residents.

Our Grasmere Bin Shelter is constructed from a steel frame with steel corrugated roof for extreme durability, and features polycarbonate side panels which can be transparent to allow you to view inside the enclosure, or opal to disguise the contents of the shelter from the public.

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