Summer Outdoor Play Ideas

Summer Outdoor Play Ideas

Outdoor Summer Play IdeasChildren love the Summer time and more to the point they love playing outside in the Summer! When the weather is nice and there’s a cool breeze, it’s much more comfortable to play outside rather than indoors when it can be stuffy. Nature also has so much to offer young children to help them develop important skills and to help then grow up to love and appreciate the natural world that we live in.

Here are some outdoor play ideas that can help young children to develop skills, have educational benefits and of course are lots of fun!

Bug Hunting
Get the children outside hunting for bugs – ants, worms, snails, butterflies and more! They can find insects in their natural habitats and appreciate the wonderful world of how insects live. If you supply them with containers that have a few leaves, dirt and air holes in, they can also collect their favourite finds and study them for a short while. You can also create your own permanent “bug houses” using twigs, tubes and a wooden box which bugs can use as their home.

If everyone manages to find a snail, you could create a fun snail race to see whose snail is the fastest!

Summer Outdoor Play Ideas

Natural Collages
There are so many natural resources that can be used to create art and collages of nature. All you will need to supply the children with is a large piece of paper and some glue! Allow the children to go on a hunt for different types of flowers, grasses, leaves, twigs, sand, dirt and whatever else their creativity allows them to find.

Wonderful Water
If you have any small paddling pools or large containers, fill them with water and give your children a selection of objects made from different materials, some natural and some man-made and let the children discover what types of object s float and what types of objects do not float.

If you would like more outdoor play ideas that can also be carried out under the canopy to keep children cool, download our How to Get the Most out of Your Canopy Guide:

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