Teach Outside This Winter…

Teach Outside This Winter…

winter outdoor learning activities 02It can be hard to get the children learning outside during the winter months however, if you choose learning activities that keep the children moving and wrap them up warm, then there’s no reason not to get them outside.

Canopies shelter from the winter weather and our Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy has the best insulation properties available (1.2 w/m k). That is why a canopy is the perfect addition to your school grounds when it comes to making sure outdoor learning is encouraged and undertook all year round.

Whilst a canopy offers fantastic insulation properties, it is still always essential that all children are wrapped up warm whilst learning and playing outside.

Incorporate the natural surroundings that change due to the weather. Frost, ice and snow can be great learning sources for children to learn about the weather and seasons and how better to teach them than to see the real elements in their natural state.

winter outdoor learning activties 01Discover animals and their homes during the winter. Teach the children about the animals that hibernate during the winter and go for walks around the school field or local nature reserve to see if they can spot small animal nests and burrows or droppings and footprints.

Create natural art – Use winter’s natural resources to make art such as pine cones, twigs and the last few fallen leaves. You can also use these objects to create Christmas decorations that the children can take home with them.

There are also many lessons that can be incorporated into the outside with practical and physical activities such as maths, science and team building. You can also add in some fun lessons to incorporate the fun, Christmassy feeling such as little “treasure hunts” using stars and elves and decorating the outside learning area with Christmassy or natural decorations.


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