Enjoying the elements – Use your canopy to explore and study the weather even in the rain!

Enjoying the elements – Use your canopy to explore and study the weather even in the rain!

When it begins to rain outside many of us feel disappointment; “oh well that’s it” we think, “no going outside till the rain has passed”. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Rain is a wonderful thing, when I look out of the window and see it’s raining outside I feel excited and I also find it quite calming!

Enjoying the ElementsThe rain is a big part of the weather and playing in it and experiencing it first hand is what I feel the best way to learn about it and understand it.

It’s not only rain that can be fun to learn about whilst experiencing it, you can also teach outside in the wind by learning how it lifts things likes kites. And then there’s fog and snow. But today I will stick to talking about rain as I think it’s a good beginner to start learning about the elements.

Rain has many teaching methods and on average in the UK, we experience a rainy day around 41% of the year (data sourced from www.weather-and-climate.com) so there’s plenty of days to get out there and teach in it!

Of course, having a canopy would make the experience better as you will still be teaching in the rain but you will keep sheltered and dry, this is ideal for children that haven’t got rain proof coats with them and you can still venture outside of the canopy to experience the rain directly if you wish.

Enjoying the Elements 2 - canopyThe first thing you can teach children is that rain water is free and we can incorporate it into our daily lives and take advantage of this wonderful gift from Mother Nature! Water butts are great for demonstrating this. You can have water butts fitted to your buildings’ guttering system or have one supplied to your canopies guttering system, this is very popular with our school and nursery customers.

The children can water the plants using the collected rain water and learn about how rain is very important for the earth and living things such as plants and wild animals that done have the luxury of running taps inside a nice warm home! You can also collect rain water using buckets and other similar items.

Moving on slightly from the rain, you teach your children about temperatures by placing thermostats in different places, in sunny parts of the outdoors and cooler shaded areas. This can teach them where to go when they are outside if they are feeling colder or hotter than usual, they can know where to go to cool down etc. This can be a valuable learning tool for younger children within nurseries.

I could go on forever with the endless learning abilities that the rain and other elements can bring, but I will leave you with the above for now and I hope it has given you some inspiration to make the most of the rainy weather and encourage children to learn to enjoy the rain, rather than dread it, thinking they will be stuck indoors on a rainy day.


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