Ten signs your school or nursery should invest in a canopy

Ten signs your school or nursery should invest in a canopy

The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy installed at St Michael's Church of England Middle School in Exeter1. You have a great playground or outdoor area, but when it rains the area can’t be used as there is not enough shelter

2. As soon as the sun come out your building becomes stuffy and uncomfortable as sunlight streams through the windows.

3. Parents often complain about waiting outside to collect their children – this is particularly the case in bad weather, to combat this you have allowed them to wait in the reception/hallway; however this can cause the hallway to become blocked and can present a fire safety hazard. In such cramped conditions it can also cause the collection of children to become chaotic.

4. Outdoor learning activities are not organised very often because teachers can’t guarantee the weather will be nice enough to do the activity, and so teachers tend to “play safe” and stick to indoor teaching.

5. Visitors often try to enter by the wrong entrance as it is not clear where the official reception/entrance is.

6. Outdoor play or learning in hot and sunny weather has to be limited due to the lack of shade in your outdoor area.

7. Glare from the sun through windows makes viewing the board, projectors or computers inside your classrooms difficult.

8. Students stay inside on rainy break times, causing disruption and restlessness in lessons

9. Dining rooms are overcrowded on rainy days as students can’t eat outside

10. Students and teachers arrive soaking wet to lessons after being caught in a downpour when travelling between buildings.

The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy with the Rainbow Package installed at Templars Primary & Nursery School in Essex

If you have recognised any of these signs then why not consider installing a canopy at your school or nursery. A canopy provides an easy and quick solution to all of these problems, making your outdoor area useable all year round, whatever the weather.

Download your free copy of The Good Canopy Guide to help you choose the ideal canopy type that will solve your outdoor weather problems:

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