Colour me Happy – Our fantastic range of Tensile Fabric Colours!

Colour me Happy – Our fantastic range of Tensile Fabric Colours!

When considering the correct shade and shelter solution for your organisation something which can easily be overlooked is what the space will look and feel like underneath the structure.

With a polycarbonate roof the environment created under the canopy is usually a light and airy feel. The same can be achieved with tensile by choosing a light coloured fabric. However our tensile fabrics can also create all kinds of moods and environments depending on the colours chosen.

When sunlight shines through our tensile fabric it causes the colour to transfuse to the space underneath and this can be used to help reinforce the look and feel you are aiming to create under your canopy, this can be especially useful in a sensory garden or to create a calming atmosphere at in a hospital or care home garden.

Using Coloured Tensile Fabric to create the correct mood

Here are some of our colour scheme ideas:

White – For a clean and bright look and a neutral feel to your canopy, white works in any environment.

Champagne and Buttercup (Yellow) – Create a neutral feel yet with a hint of warmth to create a welcoming environment.

Tennis Green – A dark green fabric blends in well with natural green environments and creates a feeling under the canopy of being in a dense forest with calming green.

Night Blue – Create a cool, relaxing feel to your canopy with a blue tensile roof, ideal for creating a “chill out” space.

Poppy (Red) and Raspberry (Pink) – Bright coloured roofing create a vibrant and fun feel to your canopy. Red or pink makes an inviting canopy, perfect as a play canopy from Early Years settings.

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