The 3 C’s of BIM – Cost savings, Collaboration opportunities & Clash detection

The 3 C’s of BIM – Cost savings, Collaboration opportunities & Clash detection

The NBS BIM Library is expanding every day as more approved BIM Objects are added. For architects, contractors and manufacturers there are many benefits in this new world of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

blueprints-1837238_1920The three key opportunities are:

Cost and time savings

The NBS BIM Library allows architects to select products and effectively ‘build the project, before they build the project’. This saves time on product assessment and decision making, reduces costs by minimising errors and will increase efficiencies in the actual build phase.

Collaboration improvement

It follows that easier access to products and product information, and increased precision of selection (using the BIM Object Standard), leads to more productive collaboration between architects and suppliers. Being able to view product options and start a dialogue with the supplier or contractor about their use will help to raise the quality of the finished project. Which in turn leads to more projects and recommendations in the future.

Clash detection

There will no longer be the need for 2D drawings to be compared on site which can lead to costly mistakes and time consuming changes and resolutions. BIM will enable the project to be seen in full and will allow early clash detection to take place. That means solutions are found in a more efficient way, improving overall productivity. And improving the bottom line return of projects.

The potential of these benefits is significant and will change the industry.  The NBS BIM Library is an important step to show the advances and practical applications of BIM. As a supplier, Able Canopies collaborate with architects and contractors and already have our own Objects in the Library, with more to follow. The ability to pick suitable products quickly and accurately is a major advantage for architects and contractors. Visit the library here:

If you are new to BIM and want to find out more about how to get the best from the NBS BIM Library, then see our previous post here:

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