The Good Canopy Guide Part 2

The Good Canopy Guide Part 2

Able Canopies have put together a fantastic guide to help you choose the ideal canopy for you. It is named The Good Canopy Guide. This guide outlines all of the different options you will need to take into consideration when purchasing a canopy.

Each week we will post a new section of the guide for you to read and take into consideration. If you would like to view the full guide now please click here where you can view it online or download your free printable version.

The Good Canopy Guide Part 2

What Makes a Good Canopy?…

Choosing the correct canopy for you and your organisation can be a daunting prospect as there are so many different products to choose from and, when choosing a product, you may also find yourself faced with even more choices to make; for example, the design, size, and construction materials are all important factors to consider, along with the roof covering and colour of the canopy. There are also other important factors that you may need to take into consideration such as whether the canopy offers UV protection.

That’s why here at Able Canopies, we would like to make your life a little easier by giving you all the information you need to help you to choose the right canopy for you.

To view part 1 of the guide click here.

2. Roof Materials

Choosing the ideal roof option is important as the covering of a canopy affects both the look of the canopy and the feel of the environment created underneath.

The roof options currently offered by Able Canopies are: polycarbonate, glass, shade sail fabric and waterproof tensile fabric.

Polycarbonate roof panels are the most popular choice for canopy roofing systems, as they offer a cost effective and high quality roofing solution. There are varying panel thicknesses to choose from; our Coniston wall mounted canopy features 35mm polycarbonate panels which have a high impact resistance whilst many of our free standing canopies offer a choice of 5mm solid or 10mm structured polycarbonate roof panels. 5mm solid polycarbonate is great if you would like to create a glass roof effect yet have a smaller budget. 10mm structured polycarbonate is perfect if you require a more opaque effect.

Glass roof panels add a contemporary, high quality finish to your canopy and are ideal for both modern settings and traditional buildings. Our glass panels are made from 10.8mm toughened glass which is durable and has excellent acoustic properties – meaning that noise caused from heavy downpours will be dramatically reduced, avoiding disruption to those underneath.

Shade Sail Fabric is a great covering for a canopy if you would like a fabric roof yet do not have the budget for a waterproof fabric roof. Shade Sail fabric has an unmatched strength and offers high UV protection, blocking up to 96% of UV rays. Our Shade Sail fabric is available in 14 contemporary colours to fit in with your surroundings and comes with a full 10 year guarantee against UV degradation.

Waterproof Tensile Fabric is a stylish roof covering which offers high UV protection, a waterproof shelter and has a modern, sleek look with a consistently smooth appearance. It is very durable and is supplied with a 5 year guarantee. Our Tensile fabric is available in 40 colours, including metallic finishes.

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