The Good Canopy Guide Part 3

The Good Canopy Guide Part 3

Able Canopies have put together a fantastic guide to help you choose the ideal canopy for you. It is named The Good Canopy Guide. This guide outlines all of the different options you will need to take into consideration when purchasing a canopy.

Each week we will post a new section of the guide for you to read and take into consideration. If you would like to view the full guide now please click here where you can view it online or download your free printable version.

The Good Canopy Guide Part 3

What Makes a Good Canopy?…

Choosing the correct canopy for you and your organisation can be a daunting prospect as there are so many different products to choose from and, when choosing a product, you may also find yourself faced with even more choices to make; for example, the design, size, and construction materials are all important factors to consider, along with the roof covering and colour of the canopy. There are also other important factors that you may need to take into consideration such as whether the canopy offers UV protection.

That’s why here at Able Canopies, we would like to make your life a little easier by giving you all the information you need to help you to choose the right canopy for you.

Click here to view part 1  and part 2 of the guide.

3. Roof Pitch

With a canopy you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the roof design. The roof pitch is a major feature in creating the look and feel for your canopy and there are designs which can be used to blend the canopy in with the existing building roof structures or create a stunning contrast. The design of your canopy roof will come down to personal preference and so this is something that needs to be discussed with all decision makers before looking for the ideal canopy.

The main roof pitch designs for our steel and timber framed canopies are mono pitch, domed, curved and apex.

Mono-Pitch is an ideal choice if you are unsure what design to choose as this roof pitch is likely to fit in with any environment. This roof is the most popular design chosen by our customers as it offers clean, simple lines and is a very cost effective option.

Domed roofs offer a modern feel to your environment and fit in with most settings. These are ideal in areas where other domed roofs are. They can also create an attractive contrast to areas where more traditional roof pitches are used.

Curved & Wavy roof canopies look great adjacent to contemporary buildings as these create sloping and wave effects. These are modern, fun designs and are perfect for early years and primary settings, a really great striking addition to an environment.

Apex roofs are very versatile and can fit in with all environments, however they are particularly suited to older, more traditionally designed  buildings as these usually feature Apex roofs too so this allows the Apex canopy to blend in well, making it possible to believe the canopy was constructed as part of the original design.

Umbrellas We can offer large Tensile umbrellas which are waterproof and UV resistant-  perfect for creating attractive outdoor seating areas. This roof style is ideal for more natural settings, as this roof shape blends well with trees and greener environments.


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