The latest edition of Outside Comfort Zone is available now

The latest edition of Outside Comfort Zone is available now

This edition of Outside Comfort Zone (our informative newsletter for all those interested in transforming outside space with high quality weather protection) has a bit of a theme running through it. It wasn’t until we sat back and looked at the layout that we realised we have gone a bit crazy for the timber installs. It’s all by circumstance rather than by design (it just happens that a lot of timber projects have finished at a similar time), but it does give us the chance to showcase the flexibility of our Tarnhow timber canopy range and the different types of projects it can be used for.

One of the more interesting applications that we feature is the bespoke project for Morrisons supermarket. The Tarnhow has provided the framework for a separate retail space that allows the store to sell seasonal stock in a way that improves the customer experience and maximise the potential sales form these products.

Elsewhere in OCZ we break with the timber theme and have a look shade sails and a plush new entrance canopy, made from steel this time.

We are out and about in October at various exhibitions and events. Have a look at the piece on page 5 to see where we are going to be. If any of these coincide with your own visits, then let us know and we can say hello.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of Outside Comfort Zone. You can get your free download here: Architect Canopy Newsletter

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