Things are heating up for solar panels

Things are heating up for solar panels

It is a bit of a recurring theme for this blog for us to talk about the opportunities that solar power gives your project and how our canopies and expertise can help you turn those prospects into real, energy generating installations.

We are aware that us talking about ourselves in relation to solar technology can get a bit monotonous so we were very pleased to hear somebody else’s news about the plans for the largest carport in the country. It is installations on this scale that will help to raise awareness and understanding of what solar can do and how it can transform spaces that up to this point have been, well maybe wasted is a bit strong, but certainly not maximised.

This game changing project is planned for a park and ride site at St. Ives in Cambridgeshire. The solar panels above the parked cars will generate electricity to power lighting for the site and provide electric vehicle charging points. Any excess energy will be stored and sold to local customers. The anticipated size of the installation will be 948kW, which will come from three main canopy structures.

The scale of this project, and the investment required, shows that long term decisions are being made that not only look to secure energy supply but also adapt to the changes that are coming in transportation with more and more electric vehicles taking to our roads.

The significance comes from the application of solar panels on this scale to a carport project. With recent government announcements about support for developments in battery technology and the desire to phase out petrol and diesel cars in the coming decades, the carport could become the key way to employ solar power in the near future.

Many thanks to Solar Power Portal for some of the information used in this post. For the full story please click here

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