Three Fun Harvest Fundraising Ideas

Three Fun Harvest Fundraising Ideas

Harvest is one of the most popular times for schools to raise funds for good causes in the area. Traditionally, children, parents and local businesses are asked to provide donations that can help those in need. These donations are often food-related.

But there are other ways that you can raise funds for the local community. Here are some interesting, harvest fundraising ideas for your school.

  1. Cooking Contest

Whether you’re thinking of a bake-off or a cooking contest, you can challenge children, parents and teachers to a cooking competition in your school. There can be judges and the contestants can be charged an entry fee or you can ask for sponsors from the local community to supply ingredients and sponsor the event.

You can stream the cooking contest online for a wider audience.

  1. Bake Sale

Get parents and children to make sweet treats for others to buy. You can get lots of people from the community involved to buy biscuits and cakes from stalls at your school for a small amount. You can also set up a pop-up cafe at your school.

Invite some local businesses and groups to visit your school on the day to purchase the cakes. Children can also put on displays, shows and sketches to tell people more about your school, the local area and the harvest period.

  1. Treasure Hunts

Invite families to participate in a treasure hunt, trail or another similar event at the school or in the local area. This is a great way to get children active and you can raise funds by charging an entrance fee and/or by selling food and drink at the event.

You can also offer sponsorship packages to local businesses to increase the amount that you raise for the local community.


The harvest period is a great way to raise funds for the local community. It is also the perfect opportunity to spread the news about your school, including what projects you’re trying to secure funding for; whether this is new sports equipment, a school canopy or a uniform for the football team.

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