Time Outside For Everyone

Time Outside For Everyone

We all know the importance of an outside space for children. Children who regularly play outside can see improvements in their vision, social skills, and attention span. It can also help them relax.

Many childcare facilities provide great outside play spaces to support child development. However, others believe that we should be going one step further by developing a nature area where children can play and learn.

Nature Lessons
The same advantages of exploring a playground can be obtained within a nature area. In addition, nature areas can be important resources for learning about the world around us. In a small nature area with flowers – children can learn about pollinators (bees), life cycles (butterflies) and the parts of a plant.

Other activities could be based on the water cycle and the life cycle of frogs.
While these lessons are often covered in primary school – there is no reason why children in preschool can’t be introduced to these concepts early. After all, a small child who happens to come across a buzzing insect or butterfly can often be mesmerised by the sight.

It can inspire your children to learn more about minibeasts, be creative and engage others in social conversation. If nothing else, these results should be the encouragement you need to create areas to attract these creatures.

Imaginative Play
Natural outdoor spaces can often be inspirational for children. A fallen log isn’t just a fallen log, it’s a bridge to another world, a vehicle or a hiding spot. Alternatively, playground apparatus is often restricted to being a castle or a palace.

Children who play in natural environments can also learn more about their abilities, set challenges and learn more about themselves. The ditch they were once scared about jumping over but now can, is an achievement and a moment to be proud of.

It doesn’t matter how big the area is. Nature is attracted to fill small gaps in any environment. You should give it time to grow, and your children the opportunity to explore the environment as it develops.

Do you have a nature area in your childcare provision? How does it help your children?

Let us know in the comments below.


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