Tips for Involving Parents in Fundraising Events

Tips for Involving Parents in Fundraising Events

Your school fundraising events are often essential in securing additional benefits for the children at school. You might be fundraising for play equipment, a school canopy, or a chicken coop and chickens, for example. You may also wish to fundraise for various charities throughout the year. These might be regular charity events, such as red nose day or fundraising for a local charity.

Whatever your fundraising plans this year, having the support of parents is pivotal in making your fundraising a success. In this article, we share our tips for involving parents in fundraising events.

1. Make Sure Parents feel Involved in Planning

Offer lots of chances for parents to join in with fundraising activities. They might not wish to sign up straight away. Keep meeting times and dates advertised for all parents to join when they are available. If parents have been helpful in previous events you can send them a direct message inviting them to help fundraise again, this can be a nice touch.

2. Give plenty of Notice for Fundraising Events

Perhaps you wish to hold an event to raise money for charity. This might involve a sponsored activity like a sponsored walk or sponsored reading challenge. It can take a little bit of time for parents to get in contact with friends, family, and neighbours to see if they would like to sponsor their child so make sure the sponsorship cards are given out in plenty of time.

3. Get Parents Involved in the Event

Try to choose activities that you think parents might enjoy. So for your Easter fayre perhaps set up a family Easter egg hunt. You could set up a crafting station outside, even under your school canopy so parents can craft with their children for a small donation, without having to purchase all the supplies and deal with the mess. Make sure you’ve got a photo place so families can share pictures of them enjoying the event.

4. Thank Parents for the Help and Support

Make sure you thank parents for their help and support after the event. Try to reach parents in as many ways as possible, a Facebook post straight after the event and to the school pages as well. Ask your headteacher for parents to be thanked in the newsletter.

Final Word: Tips for Involving Parents in Fundraising Events

Parents are often keen to help with fundraising activities for your school but require time to get involved and to feel part of the process. Ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them is also a great idea. Good luck with your fundraising events this year.

Download our A-Z Fundraising Guide for even more ideas from A right through to Z!


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