Tips for Summer Outside Learning

Tips for Summer Outside Learning

Summertime is a great time for outside learning, and can provide health benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. It is definitely a teaching option worth exploring for your class. Here are some tips to incorporate summer outside learning into your school day.

Make Sure The Children Are Prepared

Let parents know that you plan to regularly take teaching outside and ask parents to ensure children come in prepared with sunhats, sunglasses, plenty of drinks, and suncream when required. You might have to remind parents regularly. A school canopy is a great way to add a shaded outside area for hot days too.

Try Starting the Day Outside

Often teachers leave outside learning for later in the school day, but actually, early morning is a good time to learn outside. Beginning the day outside in the fresh air, with work that can be repetitive, like literacy, spelling, or maths, can be a great way to add extra interest. Enjoying a class story or reading books outside for half an hour is another option.

Try A Variety of Lessons Outside

Don’t just rely on teaching outside for science and natural history. Artwork is ideal for outside lessons; the outdoor space will provide lots of scope for art projects. French lessons can be a great option for summer outside learning to provide greater space for children to move around and practice conversations in French. By setting up some role-play options you can incorporate drama lessons too.

Establish a Meeting Area

If you are moving about your outside space, make sure you start and end in an established meeting area. This could be the benches under your canopy or some rugs on the ground. You can use a whistle to indicate when everyone should return. This way, if you have something to share or everyone has spread out further you can get everyone back together again. The children will be able to explore with the greater freedom that outside learning can offer but have clear expectations for when the session has ended.


Summer outside learning is a lovely way to enjoy nature and all the benefits this brings to both physical and mental wellbeing. You can make the most of outdoor learning by embracing a wide range of ways to teach outside. Clear expectations of the students will help your outside learning go well and allow the children to learn well outside in nature.

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