Tips For Welcoming New School Pupils

Tips For Welcoming New School Pupils

The new school year will soon be upon us, and you will be welcoming a new cohort of reception children. When children begin the new school year, you will want to ensure they have a great start and a smooth transition from their early years provision through to primary school.

In this article, we look at some simple ways to help new pupils settle into school when they start the new Autumn term.

Meet the Teachers

Before the next school year begins, you should arrange a visit for the children and their parents to come and meet the school teachers. It will enable the children to see their classroom and meet their new teacher.

You could hold this event under the school canopy. Offer a selection of activities for the children to try out with their parents. As the children move around the activities with their family, they can start making new friends.

Hosting an event like this under your school canopy is a great idea. The canopy will offer a pleasant shaded area if it is hot, and if it does start to rain, you won’t have to cancel your event.

Invites to the Summer Fete

You can send letters to the new school pupils about the school summer fete inviting them. This is a great way for the new pupils to experience the school atmosphere in a fun and relaxed way. It will create a positive first way to interact with the school and other pupils.

Welcome Pack

You can put together a welcome pack children can look at for reassurance. It would be a good idea to produce both a parent’s and a child’s copy. So, for example, a uniform list for parents and a child-friendly version with pictures to help children see how their uniform should look when they get ready for school on the first day.

You can include some printed photos of their teacher and teaching assistants. It might also help children to have a picture of areas of the school, such as their classroom, the cloakroom, the dining hall, etc.

Final Word

You will want new children to the school to settle in as smoothly as possible. Some options include hosting a meet the teacher and your classmates day, joining the summer fete fun, and a welcome pack.

Let us know what your school does to welcome the new cohort of pupils each year. Let us know in the comments below.

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