Top of the class

Top of the class

We are proud of all the canopies, shelters and accessories that we offer. But like most companies, even if we sometimes don’t like to admit it, we have a favourite product. What elevates a product to treasured status? It might be the one that has been around the longest, or the one that has the most applications or the one that is the most popular with customers. Or, as in the case of our Coniston, all three of those reasons. We don’t call it the King of Canopies for nothing.

Because we install it so often it is easy to forget why it is such a great value choice and how it’s simple, yet effective, engineering means it has transformed outside space in thousands of schools across the country. Here are some reminders of what makes the Coniston so popular:

  • Simple and robust engineering that means the Coniston delivers great value, can be installed quickly and incorporates efficient rainwater management
  • It has flexibility built in, meaning it can fit most spaces and be used as an entrance canopy as well as an all-round shelter
  • Up to six metre projection meaning it can maximise the useable space at your school and provide a safe area for lessons, dining and play
  • The quality of our materials is guaranteed with CE marking
  • A peace of mind guarantee of 10 years and 25-year life expectancy

There is nothing wrong with having a favourite is there? And the interesting thing about this one is that our first choice is the same as the customers. That means the Coniston must be doing something right. Here’s what some of our customers say about the King of Canopies 

For more information about the Coniston and how it could transform outside space at your school click here.

As we have said before, it is all well and good for us to like our products, we would say that wouldn’t we? But when so many customers chose the Coniston then we know that it is delivering the practical and credible value that make it the King of Canopies.

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