Top Tips For Mother’s Day Crafts

Top Tips For Mother’s Day Crafts

With mother’s day coming up soon, you might be looking at activities that get children making presents for the special day. Art is a wonderful gift as it is creative, unique and fun for the children to do.

To make sure that children are having fun doing their craft for mother’s day, and to save on mess inside, why not take the craft outside. You could have children complete presents on a bench outside in the sun. This not only saves on mess, but can help inspire children.

They can also incorporate natural items found in your outside space into their craft. For example, using petals and leaves in collages. If you’re looking for further ideas, here are some great craft ideas for your children to do for mother’s day.

  1. Paint Rocks And Stones

Rock and stone art has become a trend lately in its own right, and getting children to do some art work on small pebbles makes a lovely gift. The designs can be truly creative and when left out in the sun, they can dry in next to no time. In addition, it isn’t just the painting of the stones that can be used for artwork, it is the stone the children themselves chose.

Getting them out and about in the outdoor space looking for the perfect stone is a good way to encourage exploration and exercise.

  1. Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are an excellent gift that have numerous uses in the house from storing small items to being a pretty ornament. They’re also easy to paint in unique designs. Children can also plant seeds in them so parents can watch the plants grow.

  1. Wood Slice Coasters

Another quick and simple item that can be painted by children, these objects are great little ornaments that can be placed on windowsills or hung up around the house. You can get wood slice coasters from art shops if you don’t want to spend time cutting the slices yourself.

  1. Collages

Using leaves, feathers, petals and other items found in your outdoor setting, your children can create lovely collage posters for mums. These might not last as long as other presents, but the sentiment will be the same.

What art and craft will your children be doing for mother’s day this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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