Turn A New Leaf

Turn A New Leaf

Lessons taken outside are often centred on a core set of activities: bug hunts, plant identification, habitats or seasonal changes. It is often hard to conjure up lessons that go beyond these: but that needn’t be the case.

Numerous lessons can be taken outside, and these are going to be more memorable, enjoyable and can be more relevant. For instance, studying the water cycle can be a great practical lesson on the playground after rain. Your students could see in action moisture evaporating. Likewise, on cold days, you could demonstrate how water changes depending on the temperature, showing steam, water, and ice.

It isn’t just about these practical aspects of science or nature that you could take outside. Consider maths; creating large shapes on the fields or in the playground could be achieved very easily and be more fun.

The Advantages
These lessons are about teaching, but they are also about making learning a more enjoyable experience for both the students and your teaching staff. Everyone loves to be outside, and when students are outside, instead of being in a classroom, they are more engaged with the lesson, more excited and absorbing more knowledge.

You’ll find that in a couple of weeks, because of the association with the outside fun you’ve had, the lessons will be easily recalled – making further teaching easier for you.

The Challenges
The greatest challenge to learning outside is the weather. The UK has a lot of rain at times, and this can dampen the mood for learning outside. But it doesn’t have to restrict your outdoor lessons. Instead, you can create areas in your school that are undercover and protected from the elements.

These areas will allow you to continue outside lessons even when the weather seems to be against you and your class.

Children love to be outside: whether it is learning or playing. By taking your classroom outside, you can create relevant lessons to educate your class in a fun and relaxed environment. This will help you teach them and for them to retain the information you’ve passed on. To ensure your classroom is open all year round, all you need to do is place a section of the outdoor space undercover with the help of a canopy or veranda.

Children under canopy - Mazehill

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