Turning a big space into an even bigger opportunity.

Turning a big space into an even bigger opportunity.

The benefits for schools of being able to cover large spaces so they be used more often for more activities are clear. It helps to maximise the use of the whole school, estate, it can add a focal point for school life, with the newly transformed area becoming a hub of social activity, and it gives a new space for dining, sports and entertainment.

So why don’t more schools who have large spaces take on projects to add shelter those areas?

Large areas can be tricky. How will a canopy fit in with surrounding buildings? How will it be fixed? What costs are involved? Will the space be safe for users?

A compelling solution is the use of timber framed canopies that overcome many of the obstacles to transforming larger spaces into useable areas that enhance school life.

For example, our domed Tarnhow timber framed canopy provides the following benefits:

  • A good fit with surrounding buildings. The stylish look and finish of timber complements both modern and traditional buildings, leading to an elegant finished installation.
  • When compared to steel frames, timber canopies are lower cost and are efficient to install and maintain.
  • Safe to use. A domed canopy removes the need for supporting posts which means no obstacles for those who use the canopy space. The materials use re also fully safety checked and meet accepted British and European standards,

This case study provides an excellent example of how a timber canopy can transform a large space.

Our timber canopies can be enhanced with the addition of lights and heating to extend the opportunities for the space to be used. They can be stained in a range of colours to fit in with the surrounding buildings or wider environment.

If you want to make the most of the big opportunity to enhance school life on your campus then the Tarnhow timber frame could be the option for you.

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