Using the Outside To Catch up On Education

Using the Outside To Catch up On Education

With children now returning to schools, it’s important to look at how they can catch up with their studies. There are many thoughts on this, with longer terms, shorter holidays and longer school hours all being suggested. But more time in education isn’t necessarily the answer. The quality of education is probably the best answer.

There are many ways that you can continue to offer quality education and outside time might be a good way to help students catch up.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Learning

There are many benefits of outdoor learning. Children do respond favourably with the learning themselves, feeling more confident and learning to interact with the world much better. One of the major benefits noticed is that they develop a strong inquisitive and reflective thinking strategy that allows them to improve their ability to solve problems.

Children can also learn to how to better support their own mental health. They’re often more resilient and adaptable when learning outdoors, whether it’s under a school canopy or in a forest school. They’ll also gain confidence and have higher levels of self-esteem.

Many also find that children become more active, therefore their physical health improves which can have long-term benefits.

Lessons can also be more inclusive and interactive. This can help children to remember the learning objectives of the class and your subject matter. When you’re looking to help children catch up, retention is important as the quicker the information is retained, the less time you need to spend on it.

How Long For Outdoor Learning?

There is no set rule of how long you should spend outside for learning. If you can work in at least half an hour a day, that can be beneficial. But perhaps a couple of half-hour sessions per day can be a great start for children.


Outdoor learning can be the first step towards catching up without having to extend the school day or school week. This will significantly benefit children and help teachers to maintain a healthy workload as we recover from recent months of our students’ disruption to education.

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