Walking into Winter the Right Way, with a Walkway

Walking into Winter the Right Way, with a Walkway

As a nation we seem to all have at least one thing in common – we hate the rain and will do almost anything to avoid getting wet. Which is funny really, because the UK isn’t exactly the driest of countries and good old mother nature does love a downpour over here.

So, when it comes to designing a new build or a renovation, please consider the end users and keep them dry when visiting different buildings onsite. One way you can do this is by including walkway canopies in the final design.

We have over seven standard walkways within our range which are most popular with schools and hospitals as they keep staff, pupils, patients and visitors dry when moving from one building to another. It also reduces the risk of falls and accidents as it removes the urge for users to run to their destination because there’s no need for them to worry about getting wet.

Another benefit is that walkways provide the end user with a clear view of where they should be walking and where they should be entering the building. This is particularly beneficial in hospitals as it stops visitors and patients from wandering around areas they shouldn’t be and entering doors that are either for staff use only, or that are for the wrong department, resulting in them getting lost.

We have installed many walkway canopies at schools and hospitals across the UK including both wall mounted and free standing structures and with additions such as side panels for added weather protection and doors to enclose the walkways completely.

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