Ways to Fundraise on Cinema Nights

Ways to Fundraise on Cinema Nights

Whether you’re hosting a fundraising night for a school canopy or new computer equipment, cinema nights can be a great option, especially in the winter. It allows children to watch some great entertainment, and there are also plenty of ways that you can fundraise. Here are some of the options that can help raise more funds:

  • Sell Tickets

The first thing that you can sell is tickets to the film night. Tickets can be relatively low in price—only a couple of pounds per ticket. When you have 100–200 students attending an event, it can be a huge contribution to any project you want to complete.

Tickets can be sold inside the classroom, outside during school collection times, or at the door on cinema night.

  • Food and Drink

Cinema nights aren’t complete without snacks and drinks. Selling these at the cinema event can be a great way to boost earnings on the night. You can set up a café area or food stall that can be open before the film starts. While there are some costs, you can enhance earnings that can be put towards your project.

  • Add Games

Why not turn one film night into something that is much more engaging for the audience? You can host lots of events that allow children to win prizes or have some fun. For instance, you can run a quiz about the film or films in general. The children who get the most right answers win a prize.

Or you can host tombola’s, raffles, or something else. You might get small amounts, but it all contributes to the fundraising.

  • Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise from the school can be a good way to earn some extra funds. Merchandise can be a great earner, and there are plenty of different options of merchandise available. You could sell school mugs, sweatshirts, pencils, or other items. Children can purchase these at the beginning, end, or both.

  • Sponsorship

There is always the chance to get sponsorship for events like cinema nights and days. You can get local companies to host these events, with their name on programmes, invites, and even tickets. Local companies can contribute just a small amount to be featured. They might also want to run the food and drink stall at night.

Talking to local companies can also be a good way to build connections that can lead to further funding at other events.

  • Conclusion

There are numerous ways that you can add revenue streams at a cinema night that can help you raise funds for the school canopy or other projects at your school. Adding numerous streams allows for more revenue to be earned and projects to be achieved better.

Download our A-Z Fundraising Guide for even more ideas from A right through to Z!

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