Welcome to My Very First Blog Post!

Welcome to My Very First Blog Post!

Welcome to my very first blog post! I realise the importance of sharing with you what is going on at the top end of Able Canopies and to give you an insight into where we are going as a company and what we have on the horizon, including our constant evaluations and improvements to customer experience, product development, and all our new shade and shelter solutions. Some of my colleagues think I am barking mad, not just for having 4 children but for spending the time writing a blog but I disagree, you need to know what is happening in my mind and what I have planned for the future, not forgetting what makes me tick.

We are in the midst of installing a brand new ERP/CRM (Enterprise resource planning / customer relationship management) to make absolutely sure that the customer’s experience is seamless and that tenders, quotes and estimates are systematically sent out on time and without a hitch. I have high hopes for the system and am looking forward to finalising it in the next few weeks. This is a significant investment for Able Canopies but focusing on the customer’s experience is our core ethos. If you want to be known as the canopy experts you need to be the canopy experts in your customers’ eyes!


You may have seen the Junior range in our recent Summer Newsletter; I decided to launch the Junior range due to our customers requests for bigger canopies on a tight budget. Money seems to be tighter these days so coming up with a good quality solution was a bit of a challenge; we wanted a solution that still used the best roofing system on the market- polycarbonate, due to its high impact resistance, and a strong steel frame to enable us to span big distances but at the same time give you exceptional weather protection. This range has taken us 6 months to develop and with much “tooing and froing” with structural engineers it has been somewhat testing, that said we now have a very affordable brand new range of structures to offer schools, colleges and local authority establishments that are fit for purpose and come well within budget.


While we are on the subject of product development we have had quite a success with our Faraday Solar canopy range and are just about to launch the Faraday Duo pitch canopy that generates electricity while giving you fantastic cover from the weather; it is designed to give you up to 6 metres in width of cover and can be constructed to any length……I can’t wait to see one installed as they are very impressive to look at and give you ample light transmission due to one side being polycarbonate.

With the government asking companies to get involved in the Apprenticeships scheme lately I have decided that we too should roll our sleeves up and get involved, we now have apprentices in all 4 branches of Able Canopies and I am looking for another to work alongside myself in the new central (Maidstone) office…..good quality apprentices should apply instantly.

Personally I think networking with like minded businessmen is good for business, you hear what is new and see how other companies serve their customers so I have decided to join the local Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce….I went to my first event yesterday and quite enjoyed myself actually, I met a nice bunch of characters and am looking forward to going to the next one next month. You could tell who the new boy was though because I sat right at the front to tuck into my breakfast not realising that the speakers were going to be behind me! Neck ache or what, I think a few were thinking spot the new boy. 🙂

I want to keep these blog posts brief really so I am going to sign off now and say goodbye until next month, we have some exciting things on the boil so I will be in touch soon.

Mark Wood