Wet Play This Summer: Great Ways To Make Water Play Fun And Educational!

Wet Play This Summer: Great Ways To Make Water Play Fun And Educational!

As the weather heats up and we come into the last few weeks of the term, lots of educational settings will be looking to let their children cool off with a little water play. Water tables are a bit of a staple in most settings and are great fun, but are there other options to make water play both entertaining and educational? Here are some of our favourites.

  1. Blowing Bubbles

A traditional game that’s used all year round, but that doesn’t make it any less fun, or educational. When a child is blowing bubbles it helps them build fine and gross motor skills that are needed in later life.

In addition, bubbles are great for talking about science. How do the bubbles move, why do they float, etc.?

  1. Changing Temperatures

If you want to have a good discussion about water, why not have water at different temperatures available to play with. Some frozen, chilled, cold, room temperature and some a little warmer can give you lots to talk about. You can ask the children which they would like to swim in, drink and perhaps why ice turns to water when it gets warmer.

Another option is to freeze small items in blocks of ice and ask the children to get them out. This is great fun and they have to use their problem solving skills to get to the toy.

  1. Water Senses

When we think of water play, we often think about touching the water and how it feels. However, other senses can also play a part in our play with water. You can start by scenting the water with lemon, apple, orange and other flavours. You can ask the children how it smells and in some cases how it tastes.

You can also run water through different play items and ask the children what the water sounds like in each. A fantastic way to get them using their entire range of senses in a way that’s often not thought about.

  1. Real-life Play

Role playing games are just as important as any other game in a setting. Including water with role play can make it even more fun. Perhaps you could have children host a tea party using water, or ask the children to wash up some toy plates.

Real-life play is fun and educational as it prepares them for later life.


Water is great fun and it can be very educational. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you with some of the ideas above to implement new learning activities into your settings. If you have suggestions of your own, let us know in the comments below.

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