We’ve Reduced Our Carbon Footprint 

We’ve Reduced Our Carbon Footprint 

The environmental report for our previous financial year of 2022-2023 has been published and the results are fantastic. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 4.20 tonnes compared to the previous financial year and have off-set our carbon footprint by 32.20 tonnes in total for the whole year. 

These are impressive numbers, especially as we had a fantastic year for supplying and installing commercial canopies to schools, hospitals, shops and commercial buildings across the UK. The figures are doubly impressive as office-based administration organisations generally have a carbon footprint of between 2 and 5 tonnes per employee, and we are at the lower end of those figures. 

Office Waste 

A figure that I found particularly impressive is that 100% off our waste has been diverted from landfill, with 42.37% of it being recycled and the rest sent to an energy recovery facility or to produce Refuse Derived Fuel. This is where the waste is turned into energy to power homes and businesses, achieving virtually zero landfill. These are fantastic numbers and does wonders for the planet. 

Tree Planting 

Something that has helped us achieve such a good carbon footprint is our tree planting Initiative. Since 2021, we have been planting two trees per school canopy order and in the last financial year, we planted a whopping 224 trees. Click here to find out more about our tree planting initiative. 

Moving on 

Going forward, we will continue to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint further to continue securing our ISO14001 certification and do our bit to look after this wonderful planet we live on. 

We have recently become aware of a scheme that our local Lions Club are running where they collect used printer ink cartridges to send to East Anglian Children’s Hospice for recycling. The hospice then receives a donation per ink cartridge for £5-£25 per cartridge depending on the type. 

We have been saving our ink cartridges, in hope that we would find a recycling scheme, so we therefore had a box of around 30 cartridges that we donated to them. Not only were these saved from going to landfill, but the hospice would have received between £150 to £900 for this box alone. We will continue to recycle our ink cartridges this way and urge you to see if you can find a similar scheme local to you. 

What does your organisation do to keep your carbon emissions down? Have any of the above inspired you? 

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