What Are The Best Outside Autumn Activities?

What Are The Best Outside Autumn Activities?

While the summer is not yet over, you might be starting to think of Autumn and what fun activities you can organise for you and your children to enjoy when it arrives. Autumn is a great time for educating children as there is so much to inspire them.

So, what are the best autumn activities you can organise? Here are some of our suggestions.

  1. Make A Mosaic

One of the best features of autumn is all the colours that are naturally around. With the trees falling to the ground, the harvests, and not to mention some of the annual visitors (Canada Geese for example), there are lots of colours on display.

This can be very inspiring for children, and some great artwork can be created. Consider getting your children to create a mosaic of an autumn scene with scraps of paper or using fallen leaves you’ve collected from the ground.

  1. Colour Recognition And Learning

Because of all the colours around, it’s a good time to teach children about them. You can collect different coloured card and ask children to sort out an assortment of objects into their different colour groupings.

You could also take the opportunity to explore mixing colours to make new ones.

  1. Nature Walks

Autumn can be a busy time for nature. Some of the British wildlife will be getting ready for winter, while others are visiting us for a warmer season. A walk in the woods, near a lake, or at a nature reserve, is an excellent way to connect with nature.

Children can also use this time to see the changes to trees and learn about evergreens and the life cycle of trees, plants, and animals.

  1. Autumn Leaves

Leaves are a great learning tool. One of the best activities to do with leaves is to create rubbings by placing leaves underneath paper and then rubbing a pencil or crayon over the paper.

Alternatively, leaves can be used to create collages and be attached to sculptures. You could even consider using them in music lessons by listening to the sounds they make when crumpled up. The possibilities are endless.


Autumn is a great time of year, full of wonder and excitement. Consider how you can use the outdoor spaces in and around your learning environment to create great learning experiences.

How do you use autumn in your learning environment? What is your favourite use of autumn leaves?

Let us know in the comments below.

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