Which Entrance Canopy is Best for You

Which Entrance Canopy is Best for You

There are many different designs of entrance canopies to choose from and each design will suit different buildings types. But it’s not only the appearance you need to bear in mind, the size and available accessories are also important as these provide the cover and facilities required.

Small Entrance Canopies
Sir Thomas Boughey School, Stoke On Treant, Whiteside Entrance CanopyIf you are looking for a small entrance canopy to provide shelter predominantly above your entrance doors, then a Whiteside Entrance Canopy would be ideal. It is a modern, curved canopy that had a maximum size of 4m x 4m and even though this canopy has a modern design, it also fits in perfectly with more traditional style buildings.

Large Entrance Canopies
If you would like an entrance canopy has a larger length and provides additional cover going along the length of your building, maybe providing shelter to multiple entrance then the Coniston is the structure for you! The Coniston can be manufactured to be any length and therefore is limitless when it comes to keeping your entrance and building perimeter covered.

Entrance Canopies with Signage
Even though the majority of our entrance canopies are available with signage, I personally think that it works best with two of our structures; The Welford Dome Entrance Canopy which is a domed structure and has a front end panel that is perfect for adding signage. And the other one which is the Ullswater Apex Entrance Canopy which also has a front end panel that can fit your chosen signage perfectly.

These canopies suit both modern and traditional style buildings, however the Ullswater Apex fits in seamlessly with older buildings due to its traditional design.

Cantilevered Entrance Canopies
If you are looking for a small entrance canopy that has no posts and has a stylish & contemporary appearance then look no further than then Kensington Entrance Canopy and the Kensington Junior Entrance Canopy. Both of these canopy structures are cantilevered and wall mounted; they have no posts and can be covered with a choice of polycarbonate or toughened glass for a high-end appearance.

Oaklands School, Kensington Entrance Canopy

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