What Happens on a Site Survey?

What Happens on a Site Survey?

When you make an initial enquiry with us, if you qualify we will offer you a free site survey. If you would rather not have a site survey to begin with, that is fine we can send you an estimate of costs for your chosen product until you would like to receive a firm quotation.

Free Canopy Site Survey - Able Canopies LtdWhen we arrange the site survey with yourself, we will endeavour to schedule the survey at a time that is most suitable to, and fits around your busy schedule.

During the survey, we will not tell you what we think you should have and we most certainly will not pressure you into any products or services. We are there to listen to you, find out what you would like to use the canopy for & what you want to achieve once the structure is in place. If you ask for our advice, we will of course offer it, but it will be based on what you have told us, not what we “want you to have”.

Once we arrive and the introductions and welcomes have taken place, we will get to know you and your needs, we will ask you what products interest you and what the structure will be used for. This is so that we can make notes and ensure that if you would like advice, that we offer you the most applicable advice or your needs.

As we are asking you questions we will note them down within a document called a ‘Fact Finder’. This document contains questions that we need to ask you in order for the staff back at the office to generate a firm quotation.

We will then ask you if we can visit the area in which you wish to install your canopy or shelter so that we can take measurements and photographs with your permission. This helps us again to generate a quote, if required we can super impose images onto the photograph so you can see your canopy or shelter in situ on your quote document and we can also take note of any obstructions such as trees and fences.

We have a second and final form that we fill in which asks questions such as the colour you would like and options that apply to the canopy or shelter. If you are aware at this point of and particular products and the size that you require, we will provide you with an estimate of costs so you can get an idea of how much your ideal canopy or shelter would cost.

Free Canopy Site Survey - Able Canopies LtdAnd lastly we will leave you with a survey pack. This pack contains a range of information to help you decided why you should choose us including our “story” so you can find out a little more about us, a comparison checklist so you can compare us to our competitors, our health & safety policy & accreditations, our proof of insurance and various other documents including our latest brochure and guides such as The Good Canopy Guide & the A-Z Fundraising Pack.

The survey lasts approximately 30 minutes to an hour and offers precisely what you need & you want, we will answer any questions you wish and advise on the anticipated lead time for your quotation.

You will receive no pressure or obligation, the price offered will be complete, with no hidden extras. The price within your quotation, unless otherwise stated will be for a complete service – supply, delivery, install & making good and we can even help with filing planning permission documents if it is required by your local authority!

Download our brochure now to see what product/s would suit your needs and then why not call us for a free site survey on 0800 389 9072.

Download our canopy shelter and shade sail brochure

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