Why choosing the right canopy supplier matters

Why choosing the right canopy supplier matters

Your canopy will be an important part of the built environment of your school or campus. It will perform many roles – provide all year-round shelter, become an outside classroom or be used as a meeting place. It therefore needs to have the same care and attention applied to it as any building or structure on your site.

Any canopy installation needs to follow construction best practice requirements – efficient design, clear planning, site safety, high quality materials and care throughout the period of the installation and beyond. That is why choosing the right canopy supplier matters.

Design & Planning

Your project will need to start with a thorough discussion of your needs and you will need to be confident that your supplier can provide the design service and understanding required to allow the work to be fully assessed, calculated and planned to ensure it is safe, efficient and meets your overall needs.

At Able Canopies, we have the design and drawing expertise required to bring your shelter requirements to life and to develop any bespoke elements, such as fixings and guttering, where necessary.

We also provide free planning assistance, where it is required. You pay the cost of the application and any maps, such as the Site Location Plan, and we will do the rest. For more information go here: Free Canopy Planning Help

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The key to any successful canopy project will be the installation.  It has to be accurate, with safe working practices, cause the minimum disruption and be carried out with thought and care. To ensure that we can deliver that high level of consistent quality our fitting teams are experts on all our systems with many years of project success under their belts. Pre-site visits ensure that all elements have been assessed and checked before the installation takes place. Our dedicated project team ensures deliveries arrive when they are needed so projects are finished on time. Our customer testimonials and completed installation map: UK Canopy Installations, show how well our service delivery works. 

Commitment to Quality

Securing a good price for your project is a key factor but compromising on quality would be a false economy. Aluminium canopies will be guaranteed for 10 years and will continue to perform well past that if they are made from quality materials (look for CE marking) and are supported by services and processes that have been independently assessed and audited, like ISO 9001 & 14001. Able can tick all the boxes in this area: Able Canopies Certification

After Sales Service

Once the installation has been completed the service should not end there. At Able we ensure that our experts are on hand to answer any queries or deal with issues such as vandalism or damage from excessive weather conditions. Our products have guarantees and we work with our customers to ensure that their canopy project continues to deliver effective shelter throughout is life span.

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Our track record has been built over 15 years of successful design, manufacture and installation of canopies across the UK. We are the Canopy Experts. For more information about Able Canopies, our service and our products click here: commercial canopies

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