Don’t wish the winter away – get out there and play!

Don’t wish the winter away – get out there and play!

Winter outdoor play is a treasure trove of learning and fun for children. Contrary to the common misconception that winter restricts outdoor activities, it opens up plenty of opportunities due to the seasonal changes in nature.

As leaves fall, children can witness the transformation of trees, sparking discussions about the seasons and why such changes occur. The bare trees unveil bird nests, making it easier to spot our feathered friends in action—flying to their nests with food and leaves to stay warm.

The freezing temperatures add an extra layer of excitement for early years children. Experimenting with leaving items outdoors in water, only to find them frozen the next morning, becomes a thrilling winter activity. Observing various types of icicles and frost patterns further fuels their curiosity.

Encouraging outdoor exploration during the winter is virtually limitless. Here are some cool activities to get children’s imaginations going and keep their love for the outdoors alive in the winter:

  1. Identify different birds and their unique sounds.
  2. Create ‘bug houses’ for insects using leaves, twigs, and acorns.
  3. Make bird feeders and regularly feed the birds.
  4. Freeze natural objects outside and observe the transformation.
  5. Study the different ice and frost patterns.
  6. Create scrapbooks showcasing the winter colours in nature.
  7. Explore under rocks and stones to find insects burrowing.
  8. Identify and compare different footprints in the snow.
  9. Collect fallen objects like leaves and twigs, taking photos to track seasonal changes.

Having a canopy installed adds another layer of joy to these activities, allowing children to enjoy them even during rain or snow. Staying dry and sheltered under the canopy while embracing the wonders of winter outdoor play!

Download our ‘How to… get the most out of your canopy’ guide for more ideas for playing outside in all weathers. This inspirational guide also includes free worksheets for observing how many insects and birds children can find outside.

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