World Book Day Fundraisers

World Book Day Fundraisers

Time is swiftly passing, and believe it or not, World Book Day is just around the corner on March 7th, 2024! Have you thought about any fundraising activities for this special day? World Book Day offers a fantastic opportunity to gather support in the form of cash or book donations for your school or nursery. It’s an occasion too valuable to overlook!

Below, you’ll find a few creative ideas to kickstart your fundraising efforts or to enhance your school’s library collection.

Book Quiz Night

Everyone enjoys a good quiz, and you can cater to all ages with separate quizzes for children and adults. Centre the questions around World Book Day, focusing on celebrated authors and their works. A modest entry fee, say £1, can accumulate into a significant amount with minimal effort.

Story Time Gala

Host a post-school event on World Book Day where stories come to life, read by parents, teachers, or PTA members. Encourage a cosy atmosphere by inviting students to wear pyjamas and setting up the venue with blankets and cushions. You can organize the space into themed “reading corners” for various age groups or genres.

Books Over Cash Fundraiser

Ask your pupils for a “wish list” of books from your students and coordinate with your book supplier to have these books available. Offer parents the option to purchase these books for personal use or donate them to the school. This method not only supports your school’s library but also fulfils students’ reading desires. Any remaining books can be acquired with PTA funds, and working with book sellers often comes with the bonus of earning commissions, which can offset costs.

Word-in-a-Word Challenge

Launch a fun competition where participants find as many words as possible within a given word or phrase. Charge a nominal entry fee and reward the winner with a book-related prize, such as a voucher and a certificate.

Many of these events and activities can be held under a school canopy to free up space within the school and make them a little more exciting. So, what do you think? Are these ideas sparking any inspiration? Perhaps you’ve tried some in the past? We’re eager to hear about your World Book Day fundraising experiences and successes.

Download our Official PTA Fundraising Pack for lots more ideas for raising funds for your school or nursery all year round!

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