Young Minds Learning With Minibeasts

Young Minds Learning With Minibeasts

Young children are always interested in life around them. They can get excited by a group of ants on a pavement, a butterfly on a flower, or a worm in some mud. Insects and other invertebrates can be an interesting way to spark curiosity in young minds and for them to learn, so they should be part of your learning.

There are so many ways that you can incorporate minibeasts into your learning. Here are some of the lessons you can teach your students.

  1. Life Cycles

One of the most classic lessons you can teach with insects/invertebrates, life cycles are a great way to introduce children to the minibeast world. Different insects have different life cycles, and you can collect some minibeasts to demonstrate. Caterpillars to butterflys are a common life cycle to study. However, from a reptile specialist stockist, you can collect mealworms to showcase the beetle life cycle.

  1. Food Chain

You can use minibeasts like worms, beetles and others to showcase how minibeasts can be part of the natural food chain. Show how different animals hunt and eat other animals and plants. Getting an early grasp of this concept can help children with later education.

  1. Treasure Hunts

Why not get the children looking for invertebrates in your outdoor spaces? A good hunt is great for children as it gets them active and exploring. Being outside is great for mental and physical health in children. Also, while looking for these little animals, children are looking at the habitats and discovering how these wonderful creatures live.

  1. Explore Movements And Create Artwork

Another one of the great aspects of insects is that they move completely differently to us. Children can watch them and then try to mimic these movements in the outdoor spaces in fun and interesting games. Children can also create beautiful artwork from the creatures they find and learn about. They might also want to try their hand at creating a spider’s web using a canopy as the ‘twigs’

Get Children Learning Outside With Minibeasts

Children can learn from invertebrates and they love watching them. There are numerous lessons you can enjoy with them as they learn about the smaller world. Use some of the ideas above or tell us about your ideas in the comments below.

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