Solar Carport & Canopy FAQ’s

Solar Carports & Solar Canopies can prove to be worthwhile investments as they allow you to offer much needed shade and shelter within your outside area whilst also generating free, clean, natural energy which not only saves on electricity bills but also contributes towards helping the planet and becoming am eco-friendlier organisation.

Please read through our most commonly asked questions regarding solar canopies and solar carports. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

To a certain extent yes, because there are certain factors that can affect the amount of solar energy your canopy is able to absorb. Please see the next question for a list of these factors.

There are many factors that can affect the amount of energy you produce including: The roof pitch of the canopy – the orientation angle of the canopy – mono-pitch solar canopies are perfect for south facing installations and the dual-pitch solar canopies are perfect for east/west installations – The size of the system – Any trees, buildings etc. that may cause shading over the panels – solar irradiation for your area – any future buildings or installations near the canopy that could affect the shading over the canopy in the future.

PV stands for Photovoltaic and the Photovoltaic effect is the conversion of sunlight into solar energy.

It depends on the canopy installed, the size of the canopy and the positioning. Once we have conducted a site survey, you will be sent a quotation that will show the payback the canopy would offer you.

If you do not have a south facing roof, then you will not generate as much energy, ideally solar panels need to be installed on a south facing roof. Our solar canopies are free standing and can therefore be positioned where required, allowing you to benefit from a full south facing installation.

  • You will receive a tax free return of 5-8% per year (up to a 25% return on PV element)
  • It will be index linked for the next 20 years which means the revenue you receive will go up with inflation
  • It is a government backed scheme
  • The full canopy and solar panels cost will be returned within 10-15 years depending on the system and size chosen
  • The solar panels could be paid for, in a little as 4 years, depending on the output
  • Help save the planet and show that your school or company cares about the environment

If the grant allows you to, then yes. Please note that some grant providers may not allow you to benefit from the feed-in or generation tariff so please check this with the grant provider. You will however, still be able to benefit from reduced energy bills as you will still be able to use all of the energy you produce.

Most commercial buildings and schools will use around 70% of the energy they produce and will have 30% left over. Left over energy can be exported to the national grid, earning you an additional revenue.

You save and earn money from 3 different routes and you can use all 3 of them! The 3 tariffs are:
Generation (FIT) Tariff – Earn money just by generating the electricity you produce
Export Tariff – Earn money by selling any leftover energy you have generated to the National Grid
User Tariff – This is what you save by producing and using solar energy instead of buying it from your energy supplier
Please Note: You do need to ensure that you connect to the grid once you have had your solar canopy installed – we will supply you with a certificate that will allow you to do so. Find out more about the government backed FIT scheme, please visit the Ofgem website:

The tariff rates are subject to change every 3 months however, please visit the Ofgem Website for the up to date tariffs.

Deciding to invest in a solar canopy instead of a regular canopy will enable you to receive the cost of the canopy and the solar panels back over a specific number of years. You will only have to pay a little extra in order to get all of your investment back. A regular canopy will not generate an income, pay you back or help you save on your energy bills. It also helps you become more self-sufficient, generating your own power on site.

A Solar Irradiation map shows the average UV levels in each area within the UK which affects the amount of UV you can absorb. We will supply you with a payback as part of our quotation which will calculate the output of the system based on your geographical location and points above.

Click on this link to find out more about our Solar Carports & Solar Canopies, or download a copy of our solar canopy brochure. You can also download a free Solar Carport & Solar Canopy Guide.