There’s So Much Range with the Grange

The Grange is a fantastic free standing canopy that started off as one singular canopy and has since evolved into a range of its own with the original canopy, a junior version for smaller budgets and a double version.

Whilst the Grange junior and senior canopies are free standing structures, they have a mono-pitch roof design which makes them ideal for installation close to buildings to create a wall mounted canopy appearance. This is ideal for those that would like a canopy against a building but are unable to due to not having a suitable wall to fix to.

The Double Grange is effectively two grange seniors back-to-back, creating an apex roof design, the benefit of the double grange is that it can cover a whopping 12 metres in width and has an unlimited length, allowing you to cover extra-large areas. It’s ideal for covering outdoor event areas, outdoor classrooms, outdoor dining areas and outdoor sports courts, transforming theses spaces into all-weather-outdoor outdoor spaces, meaning they can be used all ear round without the risk of the weather cancelling plans.

Free standing canopies can solve a multitude of problems that schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail outlets and leisure complexes meet. They can enable them to maximise the use of their grounds including the outside which, without shelter, can only be used on pleasant days. A free standing canopy can enable a business to increase their turnover by creating more usable space without the expense of an extension or moving to a bigger building.

Schools can reduce cramped classrooms by moving classes into the outdoors. Hospitals can provide places where their patients, staff and visitors can gain some much needed fresh air and relax in a calming area all year round. Retail outlets can increase their revenue by adding more seats to their premises which in turn results in more profit. The list goes on, building extensions are always an option but they are costly and can cause disruption and a canopy is much much less disruption, if any, is much more cost effective and enables people to enjoy facilities whilst also enjoying the outdoors.

The Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy

The Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy is the most cost-effective canopy out of the three. It features a robust steel frame with aluminium roof bars which are covered with a choice of 5mm solid, or 16mm structured polycarbonate roof panels which are vandal and shatter resistant. It can also be covered with coloured polycarbonate roof panels, choose just once colour, or a selection of alternating colours. The coloured polycarbonate is extremely popular within primary and early years setting and this is the only Grange canopy that is available with the coloured polycarbonate roof panels. The canopy can cover up to 5 metres in width and has an unlimited length.

Our customers love using the Grange Junior for outdoor covered walkways, outdoor play and learning within schools and even as cycle shelters. Click here to view more examples of the Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy >

The Grange Free Standing Canopy

The Grange Senior Free Standing Canopy is where the range started, it is the first canopy from the family of Granges and is just as popular as when we launched it over 10 years ago. This strong steel canopy also features an aluminium roof frame, yet it is covered with much thicker 35mm structured polycarbonate roof panels which are available in clear and opal. The canopy can cover up to 6 metres in width and has an unlimited length.

During all the years we have been supplying and installing the Grange Senior, our customers have been enjoying it in a much similar way to the Grange Junior such as to cover outdoor walkways, outdoor learning and play spaces within schools and outdoor dining areas. It is also used in commercial settings to store and prep deliveries ready for collection.

Click here to view more examples of the Grange Senior Free Standing Canopy >

The Double Grange Free Standing Canopy

The Double Grange Free Standing Canopy is the largest of the three canopies, it has a maximum width of up to 12 metres and has an unlimited length, meaning it can cover extra-large areas, making it very popular for use as large outdoor learning and play areas and for extending dining rooms into the outdoors for all-year-round use.

Just like the other two canopies in the range, it is constructed from a strong steel canopy frame with a fully aluminium roof frame. The roof is covered with 35mm structured polycarbonate that is also vandal and shatter resistant and is available in clear and opal.

Click here to view more examples of the Double Grange Free Standing Canopy >

Download our brochure to view our full range of canopies or, click here to view all our Free Standing Canopies >

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