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Design & Build - Bespoke Canopies, Shelters and Shade Structures

Bespoke canopy - Weymouth Pavillion

At Able Canopies we have a dedicated Design & Build team who have extensive experience in creating unique bespoke canopies to meet our customers' individual needs.  

With over 15 years of experience we have developed exceptional CAD capabilities to enable us to create the structures you envision.

We regularly work alongside architects and designers to create bespoke structures to fit specific requirements. Our design engineers can work from hand sketches or CAD drawings to create technical drawings in a range of formats.

Whether money is no object or your budget is very tight, our design team can work alongside you to create a structure suitable for your budget.

Bespoke Waiting Shelter installed at Station Square, Ebbw Vale, South Wales

What can we do for you?

Quite simply, we have the ability to fulfil your vision:

  1. As the canopy experts we have a wealth of specific knowledge, experience and insight and a wide range of standard cost conscious products as well as the expertise to produce your bespoke designs
  2. With a full understanding of the brief, our design team will provide the necessary detail to ensure a positive and appropriate outcome.
  3. We will produce designs which are responsive to your unique requirements and the requirements of the project, budget and site as a whole
  4. We value engineer our designs whilst upholding the design viability and aesthetic requirements of a project, resulting in significant cost savings which we pass onto you
  5. As a proven provider, we will be sure to integrate our works into your project timelines, whilst regularly reporting on progress.
  6. We will rigidly adhere to any CDM regulations and codes of practice required on a project
  7. Our products and services will always reflect your standards of professionalism and quality from concept, through visualization and ultimate realization
  8. Every stage of our service from interpretation through to installations is subject to rigorous quality procedures to ensure your expectations are exceeded.
  9. It is our ultimate objective is to help you achieve added value for your clients 

St Saviours School London - Bespoke canopy

Call now to talk to our design team about your bespoke canopy or shelter requirements: 0800 389 9072 or


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