4 Important Features to Look Out For in Timber Canopies

4 Important Features to Look Out For in Timber Canopies

Timber canopies have become very popular within the world of shade and shelter and if you choose a good quality timber canopy, you will notice they offer many benefits. A timber canopy construction is great for aesthetics and fits in perfectly with modern and traditional buildings making it a great all-rounder.

Here’s four important features that you should look out for when choosing a timber canopy in order to make sure it is of the highest quality so that it will last for many years to come.

1. Material and Finish
Check to see what the final feel of the timber will be like – will it be rough? Ask for timber which has been planed to a smooth finish or choose a glu-laminated canopy which has a very smooth finish with no risk of splinters.

2. Framework Fixings
Some timber canopy suppliers will fix the canopy together with unsightly fixing which ruin the final appearance of the canopy. Ask what fixings will be used to join the framework together. Ask for images if possible. For the best-looking canopy, use a supplier who can offer invisible fixings – these are internal fixings which are created using specially designed timber mullions.

Able Canopies’ timber canopies feature steel post feet which prevent the timber posts being in contact with the ground, ensuring the posts remain damage free and also dramatically reducing the risk of the timber rotting.

3. Protection from Rotting
Timber is very susceptible to rot and weathering and so it is vitally important to choose a product which is treated and protected from water ingress. Rotting is most likely to start from the ground up, as water can soak up from the ground into the posts, a further measure to ensure rotting is prevented as much as possible is to choose timber product which has extra protection at ground level. As mentioned above, all Able Canopies timber canopies have a steel connection to the ground which means no timber touches the floor, helping prevent water ingress through the bottom of the posts and also creating an attractive finish to the canopy.

4. Sustainable Sourcing
The world’s forests are vitally important to us all, providing us with renewable raw materials and energy, maintaining biodiversity and protecting land and water resources. With many of the world’s forest under threat it is a good idea to choose a supplier who uses timber from a sustainable source – ideally choose a suppler who received their timber from source which has a recognised forestry certification such as PEFC.

Timber Canopies from the Canopy Experts
Able Canopies supply and install a superb range of sustainable, commercial timber canopies which are constructed from the highest quality glu-laminated timber. We have five standard canopies and three standard shelters to choose from however, we can also design bespoke timber canopies to suit your requirements.

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