425% Increase in Demand for Holiday Park Canopies

425% Increase in Demand for Holiday Park Canopies

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a whopping 425% increase in the demand for canopies at UK Holiday Parks and a 25% increase in restaurants. Is this surprising? Of course it’s not. Has the pandemic got a part to play? Of course it has. Is the beginning of a new trend? Of course it is – the benefits of being outside have been proven time and time again. Here’s a few reasons why we think holiday parks and restaurants are upgrading their facilities with covered outdoor dining areas:

When Given a Choice, Diners Will Choose the Outdoors
The fresh air does us the world of good and is a much more pleasant place to dine in, rather than in a packed restaurant. If you had the chance to dine in a packed restaurant on a hot stuffy day, or in the fresh air with a canopy to provide shade, which one would you choose?

Of course, hospitality settings could provide outdoor seating without shelter or with low-cost umbrellas however, they won’t provide protection from the rain if a sudden downpour occurs whilst the customer are eating their meals.

It Still Makes People Less Nervous
Customers that are still nervous from the pandemic are more likely to visit a restaurant that provides covered alfresco dining areas than those that don’t. This should result in an increase in the restaurants’ customer base and turnover.

Reduces Congestion Inside the Restaurant
Providing covered outside dining areas results in the inside of the restaurant becoming much less cluttered and much more spacious. Making it more appealing to potential customers, and easier for waiting staff to navigate.

So, if you are a restaurant owner, holiday park manager or an architect/contractor offering your services to the restaurants trade, be sure to include outside dining canopies in your renovation designs for maximum positive impact.

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