6 Ways to Encourage Cycling to School

6 Ways to Encourage Cycling to School

-Cycle helmet and gloves from QUALITYSTOCKPHOTOS.COMIt is well known now, that cycling is good for your health – physically and mentally, that’s why cycling to school should be encouraged in all areas to support children and enable them to become healthier & happier.

Below are six different practical & interactive ways which you can support your pupils to ride to school on a regular basis…

Cycling Proficiency – By encouraging your pupils to cycle to school, you will help them gain valuable cycling knowledge and skills.

Teach Bike Safety – Why not introduce a lesson periodically about bike safety and provide cycle safety hand out sheets? This will help keep them safe when cycling not only to school but also recreationally and help put their parent’s minds at rest that their children know the general bike safety rules.

Arrange Regular Bike Rides – You could arrange regular bike rides with the school to encourage your pupils to ride their bikes more often. These could be part of a P.E lesson, a sponsored event to raise money for your PTA or maybe just a fun lesson to let the children rejuvenate in the fresh air.

Ravenswood15 finishedProvide Adequate Cycle Parking – Provide your pupils with a safe and secure cycle parking area where they can park their bikes. Cycle shelters & cycle compounds are the ideal options as they offer not only cycle racks to secure the bikes too, but they also shelter the bikes from the elements, protecting them and keeping them dry at the same time.

No Stopping Zones – Many schools have already introduced a “no stopping zone” outside the entrance to their schools, however if you haven’t already done this, it would be worthwhile as this will help to encourage parents to let their children cycle to school. By introducing a no stopping zone, you will also make the school entrance a much safer place for children that walk to school as well as cycle.

The Facts – There are some really interesting cycling facts out there that will engage the children and make them want to cycle to school. So why not research cycling facts and tell them the environmental benefits from biking on a regular basis. Click here for some cool cycling facts what we found interesting!

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