A 21st century bus shelter

A 21st century bus shelter

As part of a major infrastructure development Bournemouth University created a new transport hub to connect the University to the wider area.

Because it serves a busy university campus the transport hub had to provide practical shelter for passengers. This weather protection had to have a couple of significant differences to a standard installation. Firstly, it had to look good and fit in with the wider design themes of the development and secondly, to deliver on the University’s sustainability goals, it had to incorporate solar technology.

We were able to meet those requirements by creating a bespoke design based on our stylish Kensington Dual-Pitch Canopy system. The addition of solar panels, effective drainage, plus seating and under canopy wind protection, were all elements that the adaptable Kensington could cope with. The Kensington is a robust, steel frame system. Its architectural good looks mean that it makes a strong aesthetic statement, which was a key provision here.

There were also practical requirements. We had to consider how cables could be concealed and accessed for maintenance. To achieve this access panels were installed in the 2 higher posts, one dealt with DC cables from the solar panels and the other with AC cables for the lighting. The final two lower posts on each canopy were designed to be integral rainwater pipes and dispersed all water from the roof into a drainage connection below the paving.

The result was a standout look for a practical transport hub that provides effective weather protection and longer term pay back via renewable energy generation. And as the images show, the canopies are doing their job effectively in the transport hub, which is now up and running.

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