A Canopy Installation in less than 1 minute?

A Canopy Installation in less than 1 minute?

Yes, you did read that title correctly and no it’s not entirely true. However, it is true that you can watch a full canopy installation in less than one minute. Thanks to time lapse technology, you can watch the full six-day canopy installation we completed at a secondary school in Shropshire in a bitesize time.

During the last week of July 2022, we supplied and installed a mega 40 metre Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy at Charlton School. They were looking to cover a large part of their recreation area within their school grounds, they wanted their students to be able to socialise and enjoy their break times outside with their friends all year round in the great outdoors.

This was a great installation to document on film due to its large length and the wonderful, modern area it is situated within. The installation took place over six days and the end result was just as we had planned, leaving the school with a large, covered area that can be used in all weathers because not only does it shelter from the rain, it also protects from over 98% of the sun’s UV rays, making the area underneath cooler and lowering the risk of sunburn for pupils while they are under the canopy.

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