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Canopies for Schools, Nurseries and Colleges

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High quality canopies for schools, nurseries, colleges & universities backed by top class service.

By transforming your outside space with hard wearing canopies, you can enhance your campus with outside learning and dining areas, efficient shelter between classrooms, safe cycle storage and high performing sun protection.

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"We are absolutely delighted with our canopy. The product is of the highest quality. Able Canopies is a company I would choose again & again. May I thank the team for their professional manner and understanding of our needs."

Bryncoch Church in Wales Primary School - Swansea, South Wales

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School Canopies - Chantelle Cartwright - School Canopy Advisor

My name is Chantelle, I am a Sales Adviser here at Able Canopies and I am here to answer your questions and to help you with your school canopy project. I work with schools, academies and nurseries every day and understand the concerns and questions that you may have about your school canopy – 'Will the canopy do the job I want it for?', 'Can it be installed at a time convenient to our school?', 'What if I need planning assistance?', 'What is included in the price?' and 'What guarantees will I have?'.

I can assure you that with Able Canopies you will be in safe hands and we will answer all your questions.

Please see what previous customers have had to say about our service here. We will complete your school canopy project, on time, on budget and with the minimum disruption. We are fully committed to the highest standards of quality and service delivery. This pledge is supported by independent certifications for service, processes and product quality from organisations such as ISO and CE marked materials.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me directly on 0800 389 9072.

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Canopies for Schools

School Canopies - Canopies for Schools - Able Canopies Ltd.Having the ability to transform outside space into areas for learning and activities is a real positive for schools. Our range of great value, robust and stylish canopies for schools give you the options you need to provide shelter for classrooms, creating new learning and play areas, providing protection for journeys between classrooms and setting up secure cycle parking. Click to see our canopies for schools

Canopies for Nurseries

Canopies for Nurseries - Nursery Canopies - Able Canopies Ltd.In a similar way to schools, nurseries want to provide areas that allow children to be active outdoors and be protected from bad weather and the dangers of too much sun. Our rainbow packs bring colour and fun to the canopy and our high-quality post pads ensure safety whenever the canopy is being used. Click to see our Canopies for Nurseries

Canopies Colleges & Universities

Canopies for Universities and Colleges - Able Canopies Ltd.On a larger campus, the need for shelters and weather protection moves away from outdoor teaching areas and into the more functional benefits of bus shelters, entrance canopies, covered dining areas and cycle parking. Our work with Colleges & Universities includes the use of solar panels and the supply of practical walkways. (Image courtesy of Bournemouth University). Click to see our Canopies for Colleges & Universities

Free Flow Outdoor Play Canopies

Free Flow Outdoor Play Canopies

Our canopies allow Early Year settings to support Free Flow Outdoor Play all year round, providing a place to shelter in downpours, and a cool shaded area with UV protection on hot and sunny days.

Entrance Canopies for Schools

Entrance Canopies for Schools

Create welcoming entrance areas are your school, nursery or college - help to prevent dirt and rain from entering your building and shelter your visitors as they enter your building - for a great first impression.

Outdoor Dining and Seating Areas

Outdoor Dining and Seating Areas

Offer an overflow dining area which can be used all year round at busy lunch times. These outdoor dining areas also make perfect socialising areas and all-weather spaces for outdoor lessons.

School Shade Sails

School Shade Sails

Create a vibrant shade structure to protect your pupils from UV whilst outdoors.

School Umbrellas

School Umbrellas

School Umbrellas provide your staff and pupils with a cool, shaded area to learn and play outside. They are also ideal for use as school alfresco dining umbrellas and picnic shelters.

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