A Year of Planting Trees

A Year of Planting Trees

It’s been a whole year since we introduced our tree planting initiative, and we don’t regret a single second of it.

Over the last 12 months, we have planted a total of 200 trees here in the UK and in Africa. The trees we have planted via The Tree Appeal have provided homes and food for thousands of species of birds, mammals and insects. Trees are the longest living organisms in the world and by planting them, we ensure the survival and maintenance of the eco system, which is required for not just animals and insects but for humans too.

Planting trees also helps us to off-set our carbon emissions which is an important aspect as a business, and because we plant a tree for each school canopy ordered, we help you to off-set your carbon emissions too.

Because planting trees is so important and has numerous benefits all-round, we plan to plant even more over the next 12 months, we’re hoping to install over double the amount we installed during the first 12 months. We are therefore also going to plant tree for every recommendation we receive; we’ll plant a tree for the school recommending us and the school that was recommended to us.

While we don’t physically plant the trees here at Able Canopies, we sponsor The Tree Appeal so that they can use the money to buy the trees and plant them. If you would like trees planted at your school (free of charge to yourself), please contact The Tree Appeal direct for more information.

The image to the right shows our ‘tree-o-meter’ and the number of trees we have planted to date.

The map shows the locations where we have planted our trees so far, both in the UK and in Africa. Please note, there’s fewer locations shown on this map than there are trees planted, that’s because we have installed multiple trees at each location. You can click on each location to see the different tree species that we’ve planted there.

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