3 Key Considerations When Planning an Al Fresco Dining Area

3 Key Considerations When Planning an Al Fresco Dining Area

3 Key Considerations When Planning an Al Fresco Dining AreaWith the rise in popularity of “cafe culture” in the UK many eateries and bars are finding customers are looking for attractive outdoor areas to socialise and enjoy food and drink.

An outside eating area at the front of your cafe or restaurant can have many benefits, providing extra space for the lunch time rush, providing customers with the choice to eat whilst enjoying the outside and it can also be a free advert promoting your establishment’s goods by displaying the sights and smells of your food to those walking past.

1. Planning – Anyone considering an outside seating area should check whether planning permission might be needed, plus the status of the land will need to be checked, as you may need to apply for a licence to have tables and chairs outside, particularly if your establishment is situated in a town or city centre. There may also be regulations about the standards of furniture allowed and so it is always best to contact your local authority to find out all the rules and regulations you need to abide by.

2. Make the most of your space – it is a good idea to plan how you want your outdoor area to look and what it will be used for. For example, in a small walled area placing seating like benches against the wall can make better use of space. Also you may want to have furniture which can be stacked or folded away, so that the area can be as versatile as possible, catering for large standing parties for example. With the UK’s weather it is also a good idea to choose hard wearing furniture which will last well in the outdoors environment.

3. Creating an all-weather area – When considering creating an outdoor dining area it is worth also thinking about ways ensure the area can be used in all weathers and all year round so that you can receive the best return for your all your hard work and investment in getting the outdoor area set up. An easy and cost effective way to do this is to provide a shade and shelter solution, such as a canopy, awning or parasol umbrella.

We offer both permanent and temporary canopies for restaurants, to match the specific needs of each customer. A permanent shelter solution created by a canopy or one of our permanent tensile umbrellas can provide a year-round outdoor area which can be used for storage in the colder months if customers find it too cold. A temporary shelter solution such as restaurant awnings or collapsible umbrellas allows cover from the weather when needed and open skies when you want. Our Ulverston Junior umbrella often does not need planning permission either so this can be a good solution if cover is needed quite quickly. Our Codale Conic (show below) is also a very popular choice for restaurant and cafes, due to its attractive style, and the ability to cover a large area quickly and cost effectively.

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Contact us today to find out more about our canopy and shelter solutions or download our brochure to view our entire product range, including fabric awnings and our stunning Glulam timber canopies.

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