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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Area Makes Great Business Sense

Are you making the best use of your outdoor areas? We have helped many businesses across the leisure and hospitality industries transform their underused outdoor areas into stylish and functional spaces, whether to offer all-weather al fresco dining or space to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable environment.

Outside Dining and Seating for Restaurants - Waterproof Umbrella

Our aim is to offer you the best shelter and shade solution to suit the needs of your business, that’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of stylish and affordable canopies and shelter solutions. A properly designed outdoor area that matches customer needs will ensure that customers keep coming back and also will be encouraged to stay longer, boosting sales of food and drink. But it’s not only hotels, bars and restaurants that can benefit – we have helped sports centres and gyms create outdoor gyms with storage facilities, as well as golf clubs and visitor attractions create practical and luxurious social areas to sit and relax.

Many businesses lose the use of their outdoor space in poor weather, but with the right canopy this need not to be the case. The British weather is notoriously changeable, so we’ve introduced a great range of adaptable canopies with retractable roofs that can be partially or fully retracted at the touch of a button to ensure your customers are sheltered from the elements, come rain or shine.

If you are looking for Umbrellas/Jumbrellas we have a range to suit all locations from 2 metres up to a massive 8 metres (round), in round, square and rectangular shapes. Additional extras can be added such as heating and lighting, side fills and rain gutters to create a comfortable and stylish outdoor area for your guests to enjoy alfesco dining at their leisure. Our Jumbrellas can also be printed with any branding or logos to suit your corporate identity.

Awnings for Spas and Hotels - Able Canopies Ltd.

Location is all and it’s not only the side or rear of a building that can benefit from a covered area, an entrance canopy can also create a welcoming and inviting impression, providing space for additional dining or seating or simply a dry waiting area if customers are waiting for a table. Once the best location is chosen, we will work with you from the very outset by identifying the best product to match your requirements and, if you need permission from your local council, we will ensure you are supported and have all the information needed to make this as smooth as possible.

Creating the perfect outdoor area makes great sense through adding value to your venue, boosting sales, increasing customer loyalty and helping you to generate year-round income.

Sports & Leisure Canopies

Our products are widely used by the sports and leisure industry to increase the use of outdoor space and facilities, including outdoor gyms and multi-use games areas. In addition, many golf clubs and visitor attractions add canopies to their settings to provide members or visitors with comfortable all-weather areas to enjoy refreshments and shelter from the elements.

Canopies for the Sports and Leisure Industries

Whether you are a Theme Park, Golf Club or Sports Centre, our products can help you to maximise your organisation’s capabilities and, in turn, feel the benefits from the increased trade that all-weather outdoor areas encourage.

Hospitality Canopies

Due to the smoking ban inside public buildings and the rising popularity of outdoor dining, there is an increasing demand for outdoor spaces that offer all-weather protection.

Retractable canopies are perfect for outdoor dining and event venues

We offer a variety of canopy products that make ideal all-weather al fresco dining areas –allowing restaurants and cafes to seat customers outdoors at any time of year, to maximise their seating capacity.

Our canopies can also be used to create comfortable outdoor spaces for smokers, giving shelter, whilst also allowing for fresh air to circulate.

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Outdoor Seating and Dining

Outdoor Seating and Dining

Due to the rising popularity of outdoor dining and restrictions on smoking, there is an increasing demand for outdoor spaces that offer all-weather protection. We offer a variety of canopy products that make ideal all-weather al fresco dining areas, allowing restaurants and cafes to seat customers outdoors at any time of year, to maximise seating capacity.

Sports and Spectator Canopies

Sports and Spectator Canopies

Provide dry and comfortable seating for spectators and ensure outdoor sports equipment can be used in all weathers with a sports or spectator canopy

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Hospitality & Leisure Case Studies

Case Study: Tune Hotel Group - Cycle Shelter and Tensile Umbrella CanopyTune Hotel

The Tune Hotel in central London, required two sheltered areas for their new hotel; a cycle shelter and a free standing canopy to create a covered outdoor coffee area for their guests and staff.


Case Study: Heights Leisure Centre - Cycle ShelterHeights Leisure Centre

Heights Leisure Centre were in need of a sheltered cycle parking area within the grounds of their Leisure Centre in Newport, Isle of Wight.


Case Study: Carnfunnock Country Park - Amphitheatre Shade SailCarnfunnock Country Park

Carnfunnock Country Park in County Antrim, Northern Ireland required a bespoke, colourful canopy to provide protection from the sun's harmful rays in order to enhance the comfort and safety visitors and entertainers participating in events held within their Amphitheatre.



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