UK Holiday Parks Are Saving Thousands

UK Holiday Parks Are Saving Thousands

…by introducing all-weather outdoor dining and entertainment areas instead of building extensions.

Holiday parks all over the UK are saving themselves thousands by creating all-weather outdoor complexes to provide covered outdoor dining and entertainment areas.

With the increase in popularity of staycations, you may find that your restaurants and entertainment buildings are already at full capacity, and you need more space. It is predicted that even more holiday goers will be opting for UK holidays in the years ahead, due to the increase in the cost of living and decrease in disposable income.

Building an extension is a costly option and can cause a lot of disruption, with the works often being competed whilst the holiday park is open due to lengthy project timescales. However, the most cost effective, time-sensitive solution to extending your usable space would be a canopy. Canopies are installed outside however, they provide cover from the weather, therefore creating all-weather outdoor complexes within your holiday park.

All-weather outdoor complexes can be used to provide entertainment outside, hold special events and workshops and with the addition of benches underneath, they can be used for outdoor dining, extending your dining space with minimal cost, increasing your profits.

Creating an all-weather outdoor complex is easy – a canopy can take anything from 1 day to a couple of weeks to install depending on the size. Either way a canopy can be installed in record time, compared to full building works and can be completed during your winter closure, causing no disruption to your guests.


If you would like the canopy installed whilst you are open, that’s not a problem either, we have extensive experience in installing our canopies on busy construction sites and within the leisure industry whilst they are open. We hold all the relevant site safety certifications and can fence off the area, keeping everyone safe whilst we install your new canopy.

We have worked with holiday parks all over the UK from East Sussex to Cornwall, South Wales, North Yorkshire and beyond. The most popular holiday park canopy is the Tarnhow Dome Free Standing Timber Canopy which has chunky curved timber beams, making it a striking feature within your complex. The design of this well-loved canopy also keeps your outdoor area looking modern and stylish.

Our second most popular canopy in the leisure and hospitality industry is the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy which is an aluminium canopy that is mounted to your building, creating a free flow from the inside of your building to the outdoors.

Alongside staycations becoming more and more popular, we seem to have entered an age where many people prefer to dine and socialise outside. This is because some still feel a little nervous following on from the pandemic and others have found that they simply enjoy spending time outdoors and prefer the fresh air over time spent indoors, particularly when on holiday.

If you are looking to make the most of your usable space so you can profit from it all year round, in all weather conditions, give us a call to find out which canopy would be the perfect solution for your holiday park.

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