Canopy or Awning – What is best for your school

Canopy or Awning – What is best for your school

Canopies and awnings are both shade structures, however they offer different benefits. In order to work out what structure would best suited your needs, you will need to establish what features are important to you.


lapford-primary-school-devon-awning 02 smallAwnings are covered with high quality fabric and offer shade and protection from the Sun but it is advisable not to use them in moderate-high winds or rain.

Awnings can be retracted when not in use and do not have any posts, so if you have limited space, an awning would be perfect. They are also cost effective structures that are ideal for those on a budget.

You will need a suitable building to install the awning to as they are wall mounted structures.


Canopies offer protection from the elements such as rain, wind, sun and snow. They are permeant structures that cannot be taken down unless you remove them completely.

how-wood-primary-school-hertfordshire-welford-dome-junior 03 smallYou will find a selection of roof coverings for canopies such as waterproof tensile fabric, polycarbonate and glass and are constructed from either steel, aluminium or timber; they can be free standing or wall mounted.

Because canopies can be constructed to large lengths and projections, they offer many uses such as playground canopies, outdoor classrooms, events canopies and dining canopies.

In a nut shell…

So as you can see, canopies and awnings offer some very similar and some very different benefits which should make it easy for you to decide what type of structure will cover your needs.

Awnings are ideal or those that only want protection from the sun, have a smaller budget and limited space.

Canopies are ideal for those that want all weather protection all year round, need to cover larger areas and want a permanent structure.

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