An Easy Way to Increase Membership at Your Sports & Leisure Centre

An Easy Way to Increase Membership at Your Sports & Leisure Centre

bigstock-Young-couple-playing-tennis-72763405smallWith the start of the New Year many people are looking to improve their fitness, or start a healthy lifestyle and many do this by joining a gym. A simple way to increase membership sign ups and to keep these new members is to improve your outdoor facilities. This will encourage members to make use of your facilities and could give you an edge over your competitors.

One way to give your members an enhanced outdoor sports experience is to provide outdoor shelter. This can be used as an outdoor dining and/or socialising space, which will be very popular in pleasant weather, creating a cool shady spot to enjoy the fresh air. An outdoor shelter can also be used to create a sheltered warm-up area, or spectator area.

Permeant shade and shelter can be created with a canopy which will not only be functional, but also add an architectural feature to your outdoor area. Our tensile fabric canopies are particularly popular with the sports and leisure sector as they provide the all-weather protection required and have stunning, contemporary designs that fit in with the sporting atmosphere.

white-spire-school-hamilton 01If you are looking to provide cover to large areas such as tennis courts, our big span canopies such as the Hamilton, Double Grange can provide cover of up to 12m wide and of an unlimited length.

The Codale Conic which is a tensile fabric structure can cover an area of up to 15m x 15m because multiple modules can be installed together to create an extra-large canopy.

Contact us today if you are interested in create shade and shelter at your sports and leisure centre and request a free estimate.

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