Looking After Your Canopies in the Colder Months

Looking After Your Canopies in the Colder Months

As the leaves start to fall of the trees and the weather gets colder, it’s important that we look after our outside structures to ensure they are well maintained to reduce the risk of damage that the elements can cause.

Whether we are forecast snow for the months ahead or not, we should still be mindful of the possibility of snow because whilst our canopies are strong, the excessive weight that snowfalls place on them, could cause avoidable damage.

It’s not just snow that can cause issues, taking steps to keep your gutters clear is just as important to deter scenarios you’d rather avoid.

snow warningHow to Remove Snow from Canopy Roofs
While our products are all tested and snow calculations are produced, it is always best not to put these levels to the test and most certainly not to exceed them as a large amounts of snow can cause excessive stress on the supports of the structure. Also, as the day goes on and the sun starts to melt the snow, large amounts of snow can slide off the roof, potentially falling onto anyone walking underneath.

Therefore, it is recommended that you clear snow from the canopy using an appropriate, soft bristled broom. Safety is a key concern for us, as I’m sure it is for you too, so please do take suitable precautions when doing so.

Canopy MaintenanceClearing Canopy Gutters
We advise that you regularly clear your gutters to remove any debris. This might include leaves, moss, dirt and believe it or not, play products. This should be added to your regular maintenance routine and after any periods of heavy rain. You might also need to clear the gutters after heavy snow as they can clog, following adverse weather.

Your canopy is an asset that keeps you safe and dry, particularly during periods of colder weather in the UK so look after it and it will continue to look after you. Can your Caretaker be on call during the Christmas closure to clear your canopies from snow if required? Situations like that are well worth considering.

The above image shows the surprising items removed from the gutters and roof of a canopy we previously installed.

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