What Can You Use a Canopy For?

What Can You Use a Canopy For?

Canopies can be used for many applications within the school and nursery environment. They protect you from the sun, rain and wind and create a safe, secure area for many activities.

For children, bringing regular school lessons outside adds fun and enjoyment to each lesson and naturally helps the children to engage and learn more.

To help you get the most out of your canopy I have listed below the main applications that you can use your canopy for.

Outdoor Classroom

  • Outdoor Classroom – Using a canopy as an outdoor classroom is one of the most popular uses. Many lessons can be held under a canopy for example, music lessons are particularly good to hold outside as this minimises noise disruption to other classes.
    Science lessons are also another good one as it avoids any mess and spillages inside the classroom.
    You can also hold other practical lessons outside which include studying the weather – what better place to study the weather other than outside! Team building exercises are also great lessons to hold outside under a canopy.
  • Entrance CanopyEntrance Canopies add a focal point to your building and make it clear for visitors and potential new parents & pupils to find the entrance & save them wondering around. They also create a waiting area for anyone to stand if they are early or need some fresh air in the shade.

Outdoor Dining Canopy

  • Outside Dining – Dining outside is one of the best things about summer however, when the sun is in your eyes and your getting a little heated or it starts to rain, it ruins the fun. A dining canopy takes away those issues and creates a serine, sheltered area for your staff and pupils to enjoy their lunch outside whilst keeping protected from the sun and rain.
  • Student Social Area – Canopies can be supplied with seating or benches to create an outside student social area, this is particularly great for secondary schools & colleges. It enables your students to socialise and study whilst staying on the school grounds. It keeps them protected from the weather and gives them their own space away from their tutors and teachers enabling them to unwind in the fresh air.

Playground Canopy

  • Covered Play Area – Playground canopies are popular additions to primary schools and nurseries, they keep young children protected from the sun’s UV rays which is a very important factor, they also encourage outdoor activates to keep the children active and healthy. Safety barriers can be added to most canopies to create an enclosed area for the children to play & stay within.
  • Sports Shelter – Adding canopies to your sports field or nearby will enable you to get more use out from them. These canopies can be used for physical education lessons and sporting events such as sport days and matches/tournaments. Not only can the children use the canopy to cool down or have “time out” under, you can also use the canopy for spectators at your event by adding comfortable seating for them to enjoy the day in a cool shaded area avoiding heat stroke in the summer. It will also avoid spectators &participants from getting wet in the cooler months of the year.

entrance canopies

Our How to… Get the Most out of Your Canopy Guide has many more examples of what your canopy can be used for and also includes some fun and education worksheets for younger children to enjoy learning outside, under a canopy.

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